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From 8 to 20 people

  • 10 pedallers
  • 8 seating spaces
  • 1 bartender
  • 1 driver


Our sound system has:

  • Bluetooth
  • AUX (3,5mm)
  • Most of our BeerBikes are equipped with the JBL Partybox 100



  • Keg of 30L or 50L
    (including 50 cups and tap/cooling)
  • Own keg
    (not including cups – tap/cooling €30)
  • Own drinks
    (not including cups – provide your own cooler!)

Frequently Asked Questions

There is room for a maximum of 20 people:

  • 12 saddles on the sides (10 of them have pedals)
  • 6 seats (3 on the bench in the front, 3 on the bench in the back)
  • 1 bartender behind the tap
  • 1 driver

There is music on the BeerBike. Our installation has radio, CD, AUX (mini jack, 3,5mm) and a Bluetooth receiver.

You ride an average or 7km/h (4,5mph).

Keep in mind you go faster in the beginning of the ride than at the end.

Order drinks from BeerBike

You can order kegs of 30L or 50L of beer from us. Our kegs are cooled in advance and are cooled extra on the BeerBike to guarantee ice cold beers. The keg is connected by us and prepared so you just have to tap the beers.

CO² for pressure and 50 cups are included per keg.

Own keg

If you prefer to bring your own keg you can rent our tap. We provide a cooling system to keep your beer cold and enough CO² for pressure. The keg is connected by us and prepared so you just have to tap the beers.

You have to provide your own cups.

Make sure to keep the keg in a chilled place before bringing it to the BeerBike.

Own cans or bottles

If you provide your own bottles and cans there is no extra charge. There is no cooling system on board for these drinks so you might want to bring a cooler.

Make sure you bring a sturdy case so the glass doesn’t end up on the street. You are responsible for the garbage after the BeerBike ride.

You can hire a Designated Driver from our company if you begin and finish your ride at the same location.

If you prefer to provide your own driver(s) they each need to fill in and sign the Driver's Statement.

A security deposit of €150 is charged.

  • The security deposit is paid with a bank transfer in advance to confirm the reservation.
  • You get it back during the week after the rental with a bank transfer.

If something is broken, the BeerBike is not back on time or there was a case of aggression towards someone of our company the security deposit will be kept in its entirety.

After repairs, replacement and/or calculation of the cost, the remaining deposit will be transferred back to the bank account of the person who paid the security deposit.

Please fill in the contact form in its entirety at the top of this website.
We will send you availability and an exact price.
You confirm the order.
We confirm your reservation.

During the warm months the weekends and holidays are taken quite fast, please book on time.

During the cold months or weekdays you can usually book in the same week.

You do not have to ask permission with the town or city to ride the BeerBike.

You may use the public roads except for the roads with a 90km/h limit or highways. Try to avoid busy roads.

You may not use the bicycle lane.

Drive safe, defensively, and most importantly: use common sense!

When it gets dark there are 2 front- and 2 rear lights aswell as white LED’s that eluminate the whole BeerBike under the roof.

You may decorate the BeerBike. The putting up and taking off the decoration has to happen during the time the bike is rented.

Decorations may be attached with ropes, strings, or plastic strips. These have to be removed with tools of your own without damaging the BeerBike.

Stickers, tape or duct tape are not allowed!

  • When you rent a designated driver from our company and the BeerBike has an accident because of that driver, the damage is insured by our insurance.
  • When the BeerBike has an accident because of a defect on the BeerBike the damage is insured by our insurance.
  • When you provide your own driver and you have an accident because of this driver, normally the family insurance covers the damage. Please check with your insurance agency.
  • When an accident is caused by a third party, the insurance of that party will cover the damage.


Would you love to be a part of the BeerBike team?

Every week we are ready with our BeerBikes to provide a unique experience to a diverse audience. We are looking for an enthusiastic employee who will be deployed mainly during weekends and holidays.

What your day would look like:

  • The BeerBike is ready on a tow truck and you depart for the first location.
  • Once you've delivered the bike, you may switch steering wheels. You may ride the bike if the customers have asked for a Designated Driver.
  • Throughout the day you are expected at several locations and you have a nice variety of groups.
  • At the end of the day you bring the bike back to the warehouse and clean it for the next day.

Ready for this new challenge? We look forward to hearing from you!

Forward your resume to vacatures@feestfiets.be.